Migrate from Rackspace to Google Workspace

You must have heard volumes about the advantages of Google Workspace over other email services, especially Rackspace. Google Workspace has always been one of the most sought-after email services. Businesses and people stuck with the Rackspace email service may need help finding the best ways to migrate to Google Workspace.

It is possible to migrate from Rackspace to Google Workspace without putting in a herculean effort. You can do it on your own or avail of the service of a reputed service provider. The section below traces the possibilities of all the methods to migrate from Rackspace to Google Workspace.

The DIY Method to migrate from Rackspace to Google Workspace

It is possible to migrate from IMAP-based email providers like Rackspace to Google Workspace by following specific steps.

  • Go to the Admin console of your Google Workspace account.
  • Choose the Account option from the Menu option and click the Data Migration option.
  • Choose the Set Data Migration Up option.
  • In the space where the migration source has to be provided, choose the Other IMAP Server option with Email as the data type.
  • When the Connection Protocol begins, enter the email address you are migrating from as the Role Account.
  • Click on the Start option.
  • You can now choose the Migration Date and other options from the Migration Options section.
  • If you want to migrate a single user’s email, you have to click on the Add User option and enter the email address of the single user under the Source Email section.
  • If you must migrate email for multiple users, choose the Bulk Upload with CSV option. Then click on the Attach option to attach a CSV file with information on the targeted users’ role accounts and Workspace accounts.
  • Once the migration process seems complete, you can exit by clicking on the More option and then the Exit Migration option. 

Although detailed instructions and guidelines on carrying out the migration process on your own are available, any potential errors that may cause during the process could cost your sensitive and valuable data to lose permanently. This is why reputed service providers like Cloudasta gained popularity in migration services.

Cloudasta Migration Services

Cloudasta is a top-rated Google Cloud partner that has been trusted all over the world by over 850 companies. Cloudasta offers highly efficient migration services for small and medium-sized brands and businesses.

The migration services from Cloudasta are primarily categorized into A self-service migration tool and a managed migration service. 

Free Self-Service Migration Tool from Cloudasta

Cloudasta addresses small and medium-scale business owners who attempt to make a hassle-free migration without spending a fortune. The Cloudasta application primarily addresses most of the migration concerns of the customers.

The self-service migration tool available at the Cloudasta application and the official website makes it much easier for customers to devise customized solutions to their migration problems. 

This self-service tool does not come for a subscription or additional cost. You only need an active Google Workspace subscription to avail yourself of the Cloudasta tool. You might have to let Cloudasta be your authorized Google partner to have complete access to the tool.

Once you sign-up for the Cloudasta free migration tool, your entire team can have access to the tool whenever necessary. Each team member can now effectively migrate from their IMAP email account to their Workspace account. Likewise, the Super Administrators of your Workspace can also carry out the migration process.

The team members and Super Administrators need IMAP login credentials and server addresses to migrate. But the administrators are free to carry out migration within their organization without any password credentials. 

One of the highlights of using the Cloudasta free self-service migrating tool is access to the 24×7 migration support team at Cloudasta. The tool also ensures access to Google’s migration support team.

Some of the most prominent advantages of using the Cloudasta free self-service migration tool are:

  • Unlimited access to the tool
  • No extra cost or hidden charges
  • The customers only have to pay the Google Workspace subscription amount.
  • Security audits are available at fixed intervals.
  • End-user and Admin training is available. 
  • The service of an efficient support team is available.
  • The tool is helpful in multiple ways: data archiving, account consolidation, etc.

Cloudasta Managed Migration

Careful planning is inevitable for email migration, especially if there is a chance of losing valuable data due to unexpected flaws in the migration process. This is why it is always better to depend on an expert team to carry out an adequately managed migration that does not risk the safety of the data involved.

Cloudasta provides an ideal way for professionals and business owners to safely migrate their data into the cloud using Cloudasta’s managed migration services. 

The managed migration service from Cloudasta is a one-stop solution for all your migration needs, including moving the entire data into the cloud, changing the productivity suite, and consolidating multiple tenants.

The Cloudasta-managed migration service enables you to migrate email, user accounts, groups, calendars, documents, files, etc. One of the critical features of this managed migration is significantly reduced downtime. The Cloudasta team makes sure to minimize any possible disruptions, which results in a lowered downtime.

This managed migration service can migrate from any service provider to Google Workspace. The downtime, which is reduced to nearly zero, ensures that the migration process does not disrupt the customer’s business.

Two primary plans for Cloudasta’s managed migration are Standard and Premium. Although the essential services and features available on both plans are similar, there are the addition and omission of specific features.

Cloudasta Managed Migration Standard

  • Migrates email, contacts, calendars, and files
  • Email authentication available
  • Help article for other non-Workspace platforms is available.
  • Can change management resources
  • Administrator and end training available

Cloudasta Managed Migration Premium

The premium version of Cloudasta managed migration service is undoubtedly one of the most comprehensive and concise migration plans available from any service provider. 

Along with all the features in the standard plan, the premium plan also provides several exclusive features.

  • Dedicated account manager
  • Priority scheduling is possible.
  • Can customize timing based on the customer’s local time zone
  • A staged migration is possible.
  • Supports migration of groups
  • Active Directory sync available