Migrate from Gmail to Google Workspace

The effortless user interface of Google Workspace has been increasingly converting more and more users from other service providers to Google Workspace. The professional features and outlook of Google Workspace act as the best incentives for business owners to migrate into.

Due to the high-security settings, better customization options, and better storage, even Gmail users are migrating their personal and work accounts to Google Workspace. Such migrations give users easy access to complimentary Google services like Google Sheets, Google Docs, etc.

It is possible to migrate to Google Workspace from Gmail through different methods. You can either seek professional help or do it on your own. The section below explores the various ways to migrate from Gmail to Google Workspace.

Methods to Migrate from Gmail to Google Workspace

Among the various methods used to migrate from Gmail to Google Workspace, three are the most popular ones. They are:

1. The DIY method

2. Self-service online migration tools

3. Managed migration services

The DIY Method

As the name indicates, this method involves a do-it-yourself process in which you are expected to carry out the migration independently without the help of an external expert or tool.

You’ll have to have a better understanding of the various steps to follow for facilitating migration to complete migration via this method successfully. It could become too complicated as the migration process involves many complex steps.

The DIY method involves the following steps.

  • Go to your Gmail account and click on the Settings option.
  • A drop-down menu appears, from which you must click the Email Forwarding option.
  • Click the IMAP Access option open and provide the required details in the window that appears.
  • Go to your new Google Workspace account.
  • Click the Settings option open.
  • From the options that appear, open the Account and Import option.
  • A window appears with a slot to provide an email address. Enter the address of your old Gmail account in the given slot.
  • You are expected to provide more details on the Gmail account in the same window. 
  • Once you finish entering the Gmail account information, click on the option to Add Account.
  • You will now receive a confirmation link on your Gmail account, which you should open and confirm correctly.
  • Open your Gmail account again. Find the Email Forwarding option and add your Google Workspace account details under the Add Address slot.
  • Now, you receive a confirmation link on your Google Workspace account, which you must open and confirm.
  • The migration is now confirmed and complete.
  • Now, you will start receiving the emails, and other correspondence initially sent to your Gmail in your Google Workspace account. 

Self-Service Online Migration Tools

DIY or manual migration’s downside is the extreme time it may consume. You may have to wait for days for the migration to complete. Another complication is the possible data loss that may occur during the migration.

As you are handling the migration on your own in a DIY method, you might not have the privilege to ask for assistance in case something goes wrong. To avoid all such potential errors and issues, you can depend on a self-service migration tool that is available for free online.

Many service providers these days offer free online migration tools that provide ample assistance to the user in the migration process from Gmail to Google Workspace. Although many self-service migration tools are available, the migration tool from Cloudasta stands out for its professional approach and commitment to safety and security.

Cloudasta Online Migration Tool

The Cloudasta self-service free online migration tool is the most powerful in the category. They facilitate effective email migration from Gmail to Google Workspace without any cost. 

The only requirement for availing of the Cloudasta free migration tool is a valid Cloudasta subscription to Google Workspace. Users can use the tool unlimited times without paying any fees or hidden charges. 

The tool also provides the user with exclusive features like constant customer support from a dedicated IT team, regular security audits, admin training, and end-user training.

You can also use the Cloudasta self-service migration tool to consolidate your accounts and effectively archive sensitive data.

Managed Migration Services

Both the DIY method and self-service migration tool possess several inherent issues. Some of them are potential errors, data loss, security issues, etc. Also, they are mostly centered around email-only migrations rather than on a comprehensive migration service.

Managed migration services resolve all the possible downsides of the other two methods. This is a comprehensive approach in which an expert in the field gets involved and extends assistance throughout the migration process.

The advantage of resorting to an expert team is their ability to tackle any potential errors and their foolproof migration through tried and tested ways. Hiring a managed migration service to migrate from Gmail to Google Workspace would relieve the user of any unwanted hustle or worries.

As of now, the best-managed migration services are provided by Cloudasta, which has been actively partnering with Google Workspace since 2013. They have already effectively helped over 20 million users to migrate to Google Workspace.

Cloudasta Managed Migration Services

The general advantages of availing of Cloudasta migration services are:

  • Possess a genuine Google Workspace license.
  • Ensures the best practices and support for email migration.
  • Offers the constant service of IT support experts from Google Workspace.
  • Conducts bi-monthly Google Workspace webinar training for new users.
  • Provides discounts on Google Workspace use by about 40%.
  • Provides Google Escalation support services.

Cloudasta-managed migration services are available in two affordable packages: Standard and Premium. While the Standard package comes with many impressive features like contact migration, calendar migration, admin training, etc., the Premium package provides comprehensive services to the user. 

Some of the remarkable services offered under the Premium package are:

  • Option to customize the migration timing based on the client’s local time zone.
  • Option to move the users in groups or batches (staged migration).
  • Availability of a dedicated account manager.
  • Priority scheduling services
  • Option to migrate contacts, calendars, groups, email, files, etc.
  • Provides services for non-workspace Google services too.
  • Provides effective end-user and admin training sessions.

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