How to improve productivity with Google Workspace

Are you finding it difficult to run and manage a remote team? Has your communication and collaboration been ineffective with your team? We at Cloudasta thought you would like to understand how you can make your life easy using Google Workspace.

Google Workspace, formerly known as G Suite, has led the innovation for remote working and has created a powerful cloud collaboration and communication platform for businesses. Your employees can do all their daily activities using the services provided by Workspace. Their productivity is also increased using Google’s super integrated and easy-to-use Google Workspace platform. Google gives you a hands-off solution to manage your organization while focusing on your business. 

Another essential reason to use Google is that your employees might be already using Google’s free services for consumers, like Gmail, Google Drive, and Google Meet, in their personal life. So, even if you are on another platform or using some free email accounts as of now, the move would be seamless and would need minimal training. 

How to use Google Workspace for remote work

Have virtual meetings via Video conferencing on Google Meet: 

Google Meet allows you to schedule group video conferencing with your teammates worldwide. You could decide and connect anytime without having to wait and have lags in communication. The best part is that everything is done securely, and you can join from your mobile or desktop as you wish. Google Meet also allows you to record meetings for future reference, conduct polls and Q&As, and set virtual backgrounds. It is undoubtedly one of the best ways to stay connected and be remote simultaneously. 

Collaborate in real-time with Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides:

Collaborating and documenting have never been easier before. With Google Docs, Slides, and Sheets, multiple team members can work simultaneously and see each other’s edits in real time. This helps a lot when people worldwide collaborate on projects and draft documentation and want to build them together. Apart from edits, these Google Drive services also let you share files with Google and non-Google accounts. So, if you want to share documents with external vendors, or partners, you can do it easily and instantly. 

As all the data is on Google Cloud, you don’t have to worry about saving them locally, losing them, and taking them with you while traveling. You could just login into your Google account from anywhere, and they would all be there as you left them. All changes made by people working across timezones are auto-saved, and the person looking at a document at any particular time would see the latest version. You could also see the edit history, who made changes, and what changes specifically with revision history.

Collaborate instantly via Google Chat: 

Instant messaging is the most powerful communication tool in the modern workplace. With your team able to post short updates, ask instant questions and chat via Google Chat, you stay ahead of the game in collaboration. 

For group communications, you could also use Chat spaces that let you host threaded conversations with a group of people. Various departments or teams in your organization can create their own spaces to collaborate among themselves. All files shared across the space are also shown in a separate location to make document finding easy without having to scroll through the whole conversation. Google chat also has cool bots you could use in Group and individual chats. Chatbots let you find suitable times for everyone in a group chat and schedule meetings. You could also use the Google Drive bot to grant access to files from your Gmail console without having to open that file specifically. 

Gather information/feedback/conduct surveys with Google Forms:

During the pandemic, it has become imperative to keep a tab of health checks, for instance, in various organizations. It could be done easily with a Google form. Creating a form, sharing it with the needed audience, and requesting to fill it out over an email is the easiest way to gather feedback.  All responses to the form are auto-saved into a Google sheet. You could also easily download the list of form submitters and see some statistics in the Google form dashboard. Conducting surveys and gathering feedback is extremely easy with Google forms. 

Share information with large teams via Google Groups:

Google groups make it extremely easy to create a dedicated email address for a group of people, send emails, and share documents with them easily. You could create a Google group from the admin console and add members from your organization and externals as required. You can assign a Group Manager who can control many settings, such as who can post, receive emails, post via the web, set auto-replies, etc. Google groups can be a lifesaver for many teams that want communications directed towards a single email address and distributed internally. 

What better than Google Groups to your rescue if you want to communicate company-wide urgently?

Schedule meetings with Google Calendar:

Managing your day can sometimes be difficult if you generally hold many meetings. With Google Calendar, booking appointment slots could make it easy for others to schedule meetings with you. You could also schedule meetings with a group of people after checking their free slots in real time. Yes, this is the next era of collaboration with Google Workspace!

Post the pandemic, remote working has become the new normal for all kinds of industries. In today’s times, striking a balance between productivity and remote collaboration can only be achieved with Google Workspace. Google Workspace consists of web collaboration platforms like Gmail, Google Drive, Google Chat, Google Calendar, and Google Meet, which are key services to connect you with your teammates across the globe. 

If you need to know more and get trained or plan your move to Google Workspace, don’t hesitate to contact us and get expert help.