Google Workspace (G Suite) HIPAA Compliant Email

While many email providers are HIPAA compliant, most organizations are not aware that the most powerful email provider out there, Google Workspace Gmail (formerly G Suite Gmail) is the best HIPAA compliant email solution for organizations.

  • You can make your Google Workspace account HIPAA compliant in just a few clicks
  • Cloudasta can help you set up and configure your HIPPA compliant email. We provide consultation and training services, as well as annual audits to make sure you stay compliant
  • By working with Cloudasta, you also get access to exclusive Google Partner discounts and an added layer of Google Workspace and HIPPA compliance support
HIPAA Compliant Email
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HIPAA Compliant Email – How does it work?

A HIPAA compliant email solution must comply with the HIPAA rules and requirements to protect the privacy and security of health information. This means that certain information about health or health care services is classified as Protected Health Information (PHI).

With Google Workspace you gain access to a HIPAA compliant email solution as well as a suite of collaboration tools that support HIPPA compliance. Having a HIPAA compliant solution is only the first step. You should also have a Google Partner that will provide guidelines and help you implement HIPAA in your organization.

HIPAA Compliant Gmail – Why you should use Google Workspace (previously G Suite) as your HIPAA compliant email provider

Why choose another email provider when you can use the most powerful email service available in the market? In addition to email, Google Workspace includes a suite of team collaboration tools, that you can use in a HIPAA compliant manner, that will also improve the efficiency of your team.

The reality is that turning your Google Workspace account into a HIPAA compliant email solution takes just a few minutes. Google Workspace, as a technology or service, has everything needed to be HIPAA compliant as it is encrypted using Transport Layer Security (TLS).

Three reasons why Google Workspace can be made HIPAA compliant:

  • Encrypted, using Transport Layer Security (TLS)
  • Google offers a Business Associate Agreement (BAA) for organizations with HIPAA compliance needs
  • Google has a vast network of Partners, like Cloudasta, who provide guidelines and can help your implement HIPAA in your organization

Google Workspace core services in which PHI is permitted: Gmail, Calendar, Drive (including Docs, Slides, Sheets, and Forms), Tasks, Keep, Sites, Jamboard, hangouts classic (chat messaging feature only), Chat, Meet, Google Cloud Search, Google Groups, Google Voice (managed users only), Cloud Identity Management and Vault (if applicable).

Core Services in which PHI is NOT permitted: Google Contacts

If you are looking for a HIPAA compliant email, Google Workspace is the best option out there. Being HIPAA compliant is not only about the technology you are using, but how you use it and how your end users will use it. With Cloudasta, you can unleash the full power of Google Workspace for team collaboration and efficiency while being HIPAA compliant. 

If you would like to learn more about how to implement HIPAA, Google put together a document to learn everything you need to know about HIPPA implementation: click here!
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