Google Workspace Support for customers

The working conditions and office environments have changed worldwide in the last several years. The pandemic in 2019 severely affected the proper functioning of offices. Offices were closed for quite a long time, and thus businesses were forced to use digital and online solutions to replace traditional offices. 

The demand for a safe digital workspace was high globally. Google Workspace addresses and solves this need for a safe and sound online workplace. The growing demand for Google Workspace since its launch in 2020 is impressive. It is a one-stop platform for organizations to host their entire office activity. 

Google Workspace incorporates all popular applications like Gmail, Google Meet, Docs, Google Calendar, Google Sheets, Google Slides, and many more. Robust security features, higher accessibility, heavy data management, etc., make Google Workspace unique.

The section below explores the best supporting services for an organization’s Google Workspace.

What Are Google Workspace Support Services?

Google Workspace support services are provided by external agencies collaborating with Google to resell Google Workspace to suitable customers. They provide all kinds of assistance to customers to set up a Google Workspace account for their businesses.

These services provide extra support and customer care for the customers and help them navigate through the initial days of Workspace activities. Most Google Workspace support services offer services in three categories.


  • It helps merge multiple domains in case of company mergers.
  • Can merge the domains into a single domain (primary domain)
  • Can also merge the domains into multiple secondary domains


  • Helps manage an acquired company
  • Assists in the migration of users from the acquired company
  • Helps finish the transition of the users from the acquired company


  • It helps manage the user data during any kind of transition.
  • It supports moving the user data into another entity.
  • It helps move the data from any service provider available

How to Find the Best Google Workspace Support Services?

Owing to the popularity of Google Workspace in recent years, many Google Workspace support services are online. But the lion’s share is subpar and does not effectively transition your business into Google Workspace.

So, choosing the right service provider for your business’s successful move into Workspace is essential. You can check whether the following features are available in your support service. If the evaluation is positive, you can definitely proceed with availing their services.

  • There should be a free trial to check and test the basic features of the service provider.
  • Multiple integration options should be available.
  • A mobile-friendly application for better accessibility would be ideal.
  • Enough self-service content should be available, like video tutorials, FAQ pages, error guides, etc.
  • Options should be available to record customer feedback and offer follow-up services
  • Managed service should provide tracking ID to check the progress of the transitions and migration processes
  • Robust automation should be possible through the platform.
  • Enough customization options should be available for the customers.
  • The business should be able to function correctly even while the migration or transition processes are happening
  • Should support effortless collaboration between the team members of a business
  • The customer must be able to avail the support and assistance of the Google Workspace team.
  • As part of authentic customer support, the Google Workspace support phone number and other contact information should be made available on the platform.

Cloudasta Google Workspace Support Services

Cloudasta is an authorized reseller and trusted Google Cloud partner. The company intends to provide inclusive Google Workspace support services to all organizations and businesses, irrespective of their turnover. Most vendors focus on bigger businesses, which often causes small and medium businesses to be left behind.

The number of medium and small businesses is relatively high, and Google cannot deal with all of them directly. At Cloudasta, all kinds of Google services are provided to small and medium enterprises at an affordable price.

Cloudasta assists in various aspects of Google Workspace. From setting up a functional Google Workspace account to learning the Google Workspace license agreement, Cloudasta helps in every small and big step their customers take.

The Workspace account setup by Cloudasta will be monitored and assessed by Google. You can use the service of the Google Workspace customer support team anytime and every time. You also don’t have to pay anything besides what Google charges.

Cloudasta: Unique Features

  • Flexible plans
  • Multiple payment options
  • Provides expert assistance in migration
  • Supports effective deployment
  • Provides authentic licensing and other technical advice
  • A dedicated customer support team is available.
  • Advisory/ consultancy available
  • Supports audits and optimization
  • Provides training, support, and change management
  • Exclusive access to the self-help migration tool
  • Helps adopt various cloud applications
  • Dedicated Google Workspace chat support

Cloudasta: Migration Services

One of the most unique and exclusive services available at Cloudasta is its migration services. The platform provides two-fold support for customers who intend to migrate their business to Google Workspace from other service providers.

The Cloudasta platform provides two options of migration services for the customers to choose from. They are:

  • Self-service migration
  • Managed Migration

Self-service Migration

  • Self-help tool to help migrate to Google Workspace
  • Free migration tool
  • Supports migration from any service provider
  • The tool is extremely easy to use
  • Millions of customers have used this free tool to migrate to Google Workspace effectively.
  • It helps only in the migration of emails.
  • Supports an unlimited number of migrations
  • End-user training sessions are available as a part of the tool
  • Help article on other non-Workspace services from Google, like YouTube, is available.

Managed Migration

  • A comprehensive solution to migrate all your data to Google Workspace
  • Tried and tested trustable process
  • Over 100 projects have already been completed under this category.
  • It helps migrate files, calendars, groups, and many more.
  • Consulting available for personalized solutions
  • Causes minimal disruption during migration
  • Can schedule the migration process as per the user’s convenience
  • Supports migration from any service provider
  • Downtime is nearly zero.
  • Available in two pricing plans: standard and premium
  • Priority scheduling possible
  • Switchover is available throughout the week.
  • Can move users in batches
  • Email authentication available
  • Provides end-user training
  • Supports active directory sync
  • Can customize and schedule the migration process based on the user’s local time zone
  • Incremental delta migrations possible
  • A dedicated account manager is available.