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Use our free Google Workspace migration tool today!
  • Migrate your email to Google Workspace
  • 200+ Email Providers Supported
  • Over 20M users migrated with us
  • Free self service migration tool so that you can migrate emails for free when you move your subscription with us – no extra costs
  • We provide managed migration services
  • Flexible plans & payment options
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Our Free Self Service Google Workspace Migration Tool

With our Self Service Google Workspace Migration Tool you will be able to migrate your emails to Google Workspace from almost any email provider. Our workspace migration tool provides email and contacts migrations from 200+ providers, including all major US internet service providers and many others worldwide!

You will have access to our help center and administrator and end-user training resources.

Using our google workspace migration tool is very easy, just click in the button below and follow our the steps.

How can you use our Google Workspace Migration Tool for free and do unlimited email migrations?

  • If you are already in Google Workspace, you can easily move your subscription to us.
  • If you are not in Google Workspace, just move to Google Workspace with us!

We are a Google Cloud Partner, and moving your subscription will not increase your cost! Not only you will get unlimited access to our migration tool, but you will gain an IT Support Team, continuous updates, on-demand training, onboarding sessions, HIPAA support, discounts only a Cloud Partner like us can provide, etc.

Brad Yetman
Director of Information Technology

Best Migration ever!

“Migrations suck, we all know that. When the company I worked for merged with another company, the first thing I was told is that they were also a Google shop, which is great, and that I would be responsible for migrating their existing email, docs, etc. from their Google environment to our Google environment.¬† Thankfully I came across Cloudasta (formerly ShuttleCloud) and they did everything for me. I had enough on my plate with the merger, and Will and his team helped me out immensely.”

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Darrell Grissen
Entrepreneurial Finance Lab (EFL)

Very professional and very easy Managed Migration service!

“As someone who had been dreading a domain migration for well over a year, I couldn’t have been more delighted to discover Cloudasta’s (formerly ShuttleCloud) Managed Migration service. They took care of everything from end-to-end and were very accommodating in our need to change the schedule. Will’s team was a pleasure to work with and very patient in explaining each step in a simple to understand way. This is an absolute no brainer of a service to use – I highly recommend their full Managed Migration service!”

Ed Fernandez

“Cloudasta, which was launched from within ShuttleCloud, is the only Google Cloud Partner that is integrated with ShuttleCloud – the most scalable migration platform. Cloudasta has access to technology that is also used by the largest email providers (Gmail, Comcast and others) to import email & contacts from 200+ source email providers. You can be confident that scale is not an issue when choosing Cloudasta.”

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