G Suite Migration Tool

There are many businesses online that are migrating their data to Google Workspace (Formerly G Suite) because it’s just a much better team collaborative suite. In this guide, we’ll talk about the G Suite migration tool offered by Google for migrating data over to G Suite. This guide contains everything you need to know about Google Workspace’s data migration tool and, at the end, we have also given details about a more intuitive approach for the same purpose that you can use. Let’s dive in.

What is the Google Workspace / G Suite Migration Tool?

This data migration tool is a straightforward service offered by Google that you can use to migrate your data from any other email provider to Google Workspace. It is a free product, and you can use it to migrate data regarding emails, calendars, and contacts. In order to use this service, you need to have a super administrator account on Google. You’ll be using the Google admin console to transfer all your data and control everything from there.

How Does it Work?

Data migration tool G Suite will work by connecting your source server upon entering the credentials, and it will start the migration process automatically. You can migrate your data for multiple users and the admin. You must own a G Suite target account in order to pursue this migration service. For further details, you can visit(link to the very first article, when posted) the whole guide about the requirements.

G Suite Migration Tool – Who Should Use It?

Anyone who’s looking to migrate their data to Google Workspace or from it can use the G Suite data migration tool. But to answer who should use is a bit more complicated. If you have just a few emails and not a lot of data to migrate, you can use this free migration tool offered by Google. But if you have a larger business, or tons of emails and data to migrate, we think you should consider alternatives like solutions provided by Google Cloud Partners. Google Partners like Cloudasta provide extra features. For example, we have a free email migration tool powered by the best email migration technology available, super simple to use, secure and effective for any email migration size. For more complex migrations requiring moving more data, or data saved in your applications, you may encounter more issues. Here are some of the problems that can occur during the migration process.

Problems that can Occur During Migration

When you are migrating your data through the G Suite data migration tool, certain errors and problems can occur during the process.

  • There’s a great chance that your data won’t stay in the same condition once migrated.
  • Your data can be corrupted and lost during the migration process.
  • Sensitive information getting into the wrong hands through a security breach.
  • It can affect your business productivity depending on the size of the data you need to migrate, taking from minutes to a few days.

If you have experience with email migrations, you will be able to handle this on your end, but if you just want to migrate everything without problems, one of your best bets would be to connect with a Google Cloud Partner that provides managed email migration solutions.  In our case, Cloudasta is integrated with ShuttleCloud and has been a Google Cloud partner since 2013. We specialize in managed migrations and have over 120 reviews and over a million application downloads from Google Marketplace. The main reason Google partners with companies like us is to provide the added value and keep things smooth for its consumers.

Cloudasta’s Managed Migration – A Better Approach

Cloudasta’s Managed Migration is for the people who are looking to migrate all of their data to Google Workspace, including Google Drive (or the equivalent to your current email provider), and many other applications. Here’s why this is a much better option in our opinion if you want to have a smooth migration lowering issues, delays and potential risks.

  • We take care of the managed migration, from head to toe, and provide maximum protection against security breaches.
  • With our managed migration service, there’s no chance that you will lose any of your important data because the process of migration has been tried and tested, we are experts in migrations.
  • All of your data, including the emails, calendars, contacts, sheets, docs, drive, etc., will be migrated to Google Workspace / G Suite.
  • It features zero downtime, meaning there’s no disruption in running your business.

Go to our Managed Migration Services page to understand all our features and reach out to us to get a FREE quote for your project. 

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