Upcoming innovations prove Google Workspace is the future of Work

Google has always been at the forefront for innovation. Within its Google Workspace line of services, there has been a huge list of improvements in the last year and the product has established itself as the top most preferred choice for organizations for collaborative work. Google has also introduced AI into Google Workspace making users’ lives easier. Some features on Google Workspace have unmatched collaborative capabilities and the upcoming innovations prove why Google Workspace is the future of collaboration for small, medium and large organizations. 

Recently, in the Google Cloud Next 22 event, Google announced a lot of new innovations for Google Workspace. With them being released in the near future, the ease of doing business becomes extremely easy with this one-stop solution rather than being dependent on many applications. Below are some of the upcoming innovations:

Google Workspace – Future of Collaboration

  1. Speaker spotlight within Google Slides: Sometimes, in presentations, you might want to introduce yourself in the first slides and have your picture in the slide. How about showing your video instead? This great feature enables you to embed your video within the slide content on Meet video calls. Well, this is next level collaboration when we need to adapt to working in a hybrid environment. 
  1. Meeting Room Check-in: You might be already joining meetings from physical meeting rooms where the name of the meeting room is displayed or only a single name is displayed. An upcoming feature will enable meeting room participants to checkin and enter all the participants’ names from the room. This improves the collaboration among other virtual participants who have joined the meeting. 
  1. Assign conference room for breakout rooms in Meet: Google Meet provides an opportunity to branch out from a large meeting and host smaller discussions as breakout rooms. Now, with the upcoming feature addition, it’s possible to assign a conference room to the breakout room participants so that they can manage the logistics in a physical office. 
  1. Custom emojis and inline replies in Google Chat: This was a much needed functionality and inline replies in threaded chat make the chat space structured and easy to read. Custom emojis also enable participants in the chat room to respond and express their feelings on certain comments. 
  1. Broadcast only spaces within Google Chat: Sometimes, there is a need to do a company-wide broadcast or even to a team without expecting a response from the participants in the space. Now, with the broadcast only option, that capability in Google Workspace can be utilized well. 
  1. Custom Building Blocks in Google Docs: Are you managing a lot of projects or have a requirement to create similar tables or charts time and again? Well, Google is coming up with a functionality to store such repeated blocks as your own custom blocks that you can utilize anytime with smart canvas. A simple mention of “@” can bring in these custom blocks from Google Workspace into your documents whenever you need. It’s such a time saver and further strengthens the productivity of users in Google Workspace. 
  1. Parameterized values in Google Docs: In an upcoming update, Google Docs will provide an opportunity to use values defined once in the document at all instances it occurs in the same document. For example, you could define the contact number and address of a customer and use the same everywhere. 
  1. Data Extraction from Smart Chips: Google will let users extract important information like phone number, email address, location, job title etc from smart chips and populate quickly across Google spreadsheets. This removes manual efforts to extract data within workspace. 
  1. Availability of Smart chips for 3rd party applications: Many associated applications like Lumapps, AODOCs, Miro etc enrich and enhance the experience of Google Workspace and provide additional capabilities to extend the platform. Google will natively provide smart chip integrations with these tools so that you can get rid of the ugly URL or hyperlink mentions. 
  1. Data Loss Prevention for Google Chat: In a big organization, it’s critical to prevent leaks of sensitive data. DLP rules enable admins to create policies and take specific actions based on those policies. Google is bringing DLP to chats and users will be restricted to share sensitive information on Google chat. The automated rules can be created by Google Workspace admins that match the personal identifiers and trigger the rules. 
  1. Trust Rules in Google Drive: With Trust rules, Admins will be able to define the boundaries of sharing internally and externally within their organization. This would allow more flexibility and capability to define granular controls within Google Drive. 
  1. Google Chat Integration with Appsheet: One of the best features would be to access Appsheet apps from within Google chat. You could add the Appsheet application and interact with them right within Google Chat. Appsheet has grown as a low-code no-code platform that enables citizen developers to build applications without prior experience in coding. 

This is not all that’s coming. Google is releasing small updates to Google Workspace on a regular basis and they are really exciting and useful. Google has built the best collaboration platform and its incremental awesome updates let you love the product more. 

If you are either on the free version of Gmail or on another collaboration platform, it’s time to get yourself on board on Google Workspace. You will absolutely love the platform once you start  using it. Moving to Google Workspace is not at all difficult and can be seamless as well as hands off with Cloudasta. Our self-developed migration tool helps a great regard to ensure that the process is robust. We are a team of experts that help organisations to move to Google Workspace with our managed migration services. We have been in the business for many years and have worked with many organizations to securely move their data to Google Workspace. If you are ready, feel free to reach out to us and let us manage the transition.