Google Workspace for legal firms: How to streamline document management and collaboration

Google workspace for legal firms

Have you been thinking about switching all your law practice documents, management, and collaboration from the conventional MS Office suite? Then, continue reading this article to learn how to go about it in the first place. 

Collaboration, paperwork, and documentation make an integral part of any thriving legal practices of law firms. In general, every typical lawyer’s practice office desk was usually buried under folders, files, documents, contracts, and limitless paper realms. With the adoption of collaboration platforms like Google Workspace, it can be streamlined to a great extent.

Google Workspace & Its Growing Popularity In The Legal World

Switching to Google Workspace has aided thousands of practicing lawyers and law firms to increase their efficiency. They have been successful in doing so as Google Workspace makes documentation, collaboration, and management a breeze. 

What makes Google Workspace so unique is the fact that it runs in the Cloud entirely. This simply means that all you need is seamless accessibility to the browser, be it through your PC, laptop, tablet, or mobile phone to get started. Unlike in the case of MS Office, you won’t really have to invest in the installation of a heavy software application for opening the basic documents. 

As one of the best legal lawyers and consultants, getting digital documents from every nook and corner is common. Whether it is a Word document, a PDF, a simple text file, a scanned document, or a Lotus Notes file, using the Google Docs service, you can open every type of file that exists in the world in one of the most hassle-free ways. 

Google Workspace For Law Firms – Top 5 Tips On How To Streamline Document Management & Collaboration

Here are some of the best tips on how you can streamline document management and collaboration with Google Workspace:

Real-Time Collaboration With Lawyers, Sources, & Consultants

The whole process of a trial and hearing preparation can be arduous. It involves legal experts, multiple lawyers, assistants, witnesses, and interns. The processing, exchange, analysis, preparation, modification, and verification of a deluge of documents needs to be done before you are ready to take on your opponent’s counsel. With a collaborative tool such as the Google Workspace, you can collaborate on single as well as multiple documents with a lot of people from across the globe. From creating slides and spreadsheets to immediate feedback and suggestions, using the Google Workspace features such as the Google Drive, you can do it all in real-time. 

Maintenance Of Legal Templates Consistently-Defined

Using templates can help lawyers save a lot of time. The best legal templates will help them use time more productively because any information that needs to be added repeatedly is already available in the template. For instance, you can add your official company logo as well as your office address in the template’s footer, then you can save this template in Google Drive. The next time, all you will need to do is add the extra information. The template gallery can also be used for consistency.

Citations Search From Within Document

Citations play an integral role in legal documents. If you are using any information, it is important to ensure that it comes from a source that is verifiable. When you are working on documents, switching between the browser and document to search on the internet needs to be done. Using Google Workspace’s Google Docs, you can check the information accuracy of your document. Choosing a citation format, you can then add citations to any research, contracts, papers, projects, and proposals. You can use the search box available to search for information and add as many citations as you want to the footer.

Sending Large Email Attachments With Hands-On Control

During the preparation of hearings or legal documents, you can exchange large documents with colleagues and clients. Depending on the Google Workspace plan that you have purchased, you can share files easily with Google Drive. You can share files from within Google Slides, Google Docs, or even Google Drive, and email them to the collaborators. Depending on the kind of document, the tool will show what kind of attachment format can be used while sending the document. You can simply enter the email IDs of all the recipients, and press send.

Work On Documents On The Go

The biggest advantage of Google Workspace is that it does not tie the user down to a particular spot while the user is working on other apps or documents. The group of apps offered by Google Workspace allows the user to work on files or documents on the go. Whether you are in a car, at the home, in train, or in the office, as long as you have access to the internet, you can use Google Workspace tools to get the job done. Additionally, mobile applications are available for these services on your Android, Microsoft, and iOS devices. You can use the corresponding mobile applications to help productivity as well.

In this quick guide, we have helped you learn how you can streamline your law business by switching to Google Workspace. We, at Cloudasta offer managed migration services and can help you migrate from any platform to Google Workspace. Feel free to reach out to us for help. Stay tuned to our blogs to find more reasons to switch to Google Workspace.