Why opt for Google Workspace for Education

If you are running an educational institution, having a well-managed suite of applications for teachers and students is imperative. Looking at various needs in the education sector, Google offers a specialized suite of applications tailored to cater to those needs. It combines the power of technology and administration to make life easy for school or university management. 

Close to 100M students and teachers use Google Workspace for education.

What is Google Workspace for Education?

Google Workspace is a communication and collaboration suite hosted on Google Cloud that provides teachers and students to connect and collaborate, whether at school or home. During the pandemic, there was a dire need to start online classes for many schools, which emerged as a challenge for the educational institution’s administrators. The best thing is that it includes everything in one place, no matter what you need. Salient valuable features like online conferencing, Google Classrooms, and online cloud storage of documents are indeed very helpful for teachers and students. 

Benefits of Google Workspace for Education:

There are a lot of benefits that Google Workspace for Education offers to educators. For teachers and students, it’s a great platform to foster collaboration and communication. 

Below are some of the best features that any educational institution would miss out on if not using Google Workspace for Education:

  1. Email service for students and teachers: 

Email is one of the critical day-to-day used services, and a dedicated email address for all teachers and students is the first step towards ensuring a strong collaboration among them. Gmail, a popular consumer email service, might already be used by everyone, and it would be great to ensure they use the same platform professionally. 

  1. Google Classroom: 

Effective interaction between teachers and students is a crucial requirement for all educational institutions. With Google Classroom, teachers can create and send assignments, start discussions, post video tutorials, start discussions, etc. Students would be able to ask questions, interact freely, share feedback and utilize the power of real-time interaction. It also heavily streamlines the process of sharing and collaboration. Google Classroom also integrates Gmail, Google Drive, and Google Calendar into the platform to make it more collaborative and easy for the users. 

  1. Google Calendar:

Google Calendar is the best way for teachers to manage their schedules, schedule adhoc sessions with students, and create shared calendars to facilitate collaboration between faculty and students. Whether managing a project group, a group trip, or any specific activity among a group of students and teachers, shared calendars go a long way. Google Calendar enables users to schedule a meeting making it easier to interact instantly. 

  1. Google Drive:

Sharing files can never be easier than Google Drive. Google Drive’s easier sharing and collaboration capabilities make it a perfect fit for educational institutions. Google Drive has two kinds of offerings: My Drive and Shared Drives. While “My Drive” can act as personal storage for teachers and students, shared drives are a great place to start storing documents that need to be retained for a long time by the institution. Administrators can also manage team drives; even if the teachers and students have left, admins can control the visibility and add new users to those shared drives. 

Cloud storage and accessibility from anywhere are great features in Google Drive that do it an unavoidable service. With Google Sheets, Docs, and Forms, collecting feedback, sharing reading documents, or hosting quizzes are seamless. Every educational institution needs to adapt and leverage these newer technologies to increase overall productivity and focus more on improving other aspects while collaboration and communication are sorted. 

  1. Google Meet:

Video conferencing is needed to foster remote classroom culture, significantly as the demand rose during the pandemic. Teachers can use Google Meet to host online webinars, classes, and Q/A sessions for the students. Google Meet enables single-click 1:1 and group calls, making communication extremely easy. When making announcements, you can also use Meet to host live streams. 

  1. Google Chat:

Google Chat is an instant messaging app that can be used for instant messaging and chats. Whether it’s 1:1 chat, group chat, or spaces, Google chat offers many options to ensure the best collaboration possible. 

  1. Excellent Cloud Storage space:

Undoubtedly, the best feature of Google Workspace for Education is that there will never be a need to worry about storage space. Google offers 15 GB of storage space; if you run out, you can always purchase more space. 

With Cloud storage, you also never need to consume space locally on your computer and utilize the power of cloud storage that is accessible from anywhere. Students and teachers can use their personal and university laptops to store other information while utilizing the cloud-provided space for educational needs. Google also provides you with a platform to securely store your data without being concerned about theft while being able to share them easily. 

Google also offers a platform to store documents carefully arranged into several folders. This helps immensely if a group of teachers and students works together on a project. 

  1. It’s free for qualified institutes:

Well, the best of all features is that Google Workspace for Education is free for qualified institutions. The free version is very well equipped as a full-fledged platform with certain limitations. Google provides a lot of flavors to upgrade if there’s a need. With infrastructure being a huge operational cost in today’s world, Google greatly favors giving this service for free, and you should utilize it well.
If you plan to enroll your institute with Google Workspace for Education, contact Cloudasta today to get expert help from well-trained professionals who make it easy for you. We have helped many companies and educational institutions in their journey on Google Workspace, and we can help you too!