Google Workspace Cheat Sheet

Are you familiar with Google Workspace? If not, Google Workspace is the best tool that is available for organizations to collaborate and communicate between themselves. Some of the popular applications of Google workspace are also available in their consumer versions like Gmail, Chat, Meet and Google Drive that have been used by people for many years. The collaboration aspect of Google workspace is what makes it extremely unique. Edit documents simultaneously, have group video conferences, have group chats: you name it, Google Workspace has it. 

In this Google workspace cheat sheet, we aim at answering your question “Why Google Workspace”. 

How is Google Workspace different from regular Google?

Google Workspace is designed for professional use in organizations providing a lot of additional features, controls and services that an organization needs for its employees. Google free version is designed for consumer use providing basic functionality like mail, document storage etc. This is the major difference between the two products. 

What are the apps and services included in Google Workspace?

In this Google workspace cheat sheet, let’s discuss the key applications and services that are included in Google workspace. Some of these applications might be familiar to you already.  We use most of these applications on a day to day basis. One of the best things to note is that there have never been downtimes in these services. That’s the reason, the reliability is high on these apps and services. These products have heavily evolved over the last few years and there are a plethora of new features to drool over. 

Below are the list of applications and services included in Google workspace:

Core Google Workspace Applications:

  1. Gmail: Gmail is undoubtedly one of the most widely used email platforms. Since its inception, it has changed immensely and has created the most user friendly platform ever. Recently, Gmail has introduced AI into the platform with smart replies and auto-suggestion that make it super-productive to use. 
  1. Google Drive: Managing documents has never been easier. Google Drive with its collaborative capability provides flexibility for collaboration. That makes the management of documents and folders seamless. It provides cloud storage for documents and folders that are accessible anywhere. 
  1. Google Meet: Video conferencing with a group of people is the primary feature of Google Meet. It has come up with additional features like noise reduction, polls, and companion mode recently that make the product robust. 
  1. Google Calendar: Schedule meetings and appointments to manage your time effectively with Google Calendar. New features like time insights, creating new events with make it one of the best tools to use on a daily basis. 
  1. Google Docs: Creating collaborative documents with parallel editing is the key feature in Google docs. New features like voice typing, smart canvas, tasks make it stand out. 
  1. Google Sheets: This is the platform to create collaborative spreadsheets. Parallel editing, capability to integrate with Bigquery, data exploration using AI are some unparalleled features of Google sheets. 
  1. Google Forms: If you want to create a survey or form collaboratively, Google Forms should be your go-to. 
  1. Google Slides: Collaborative presentations is one of the strong requirements in any organization and Google slides fulfills it.
  1. Google Keep: Still using physical sticky notes? Try Google keep and keep notes online to access anywhere. 
  1. Google Sites: Google Sites are collaborative sites that let you publish web pages and create informative HTML pages to browse through.
  1. Google Groups: Managing email lists and distribution groups is the key feature of Google groups. 

Additional Google Services and Applications:

These services and applications are not in the core offering but might be available at an extra cost depending on the subscription you are enrolled with Google Workspace. 

  1. Google Vault: Does your organization need eDiscovery and retention? Google Vault is the service to opt for. It lets you create retention policies, holds, and matters to maintain investigations as well as conduct eDiscovery for user data in cases of need. 
  1. Google Classroom: If you are running an educational institution, Google classroom can help provide a platform for teachers and students to easily collaborate. 
  1. Google Jamboard: Jamboards are highly useful for students and teachers. It enables smarter learning in the cloud. Create interactive whiteboards, share and send copies to others and collaborating with them has all been possible with this awesome tool. 
  1. Appsheet: This no-code platform from Google is a huge money saver. You could create simple to complex applications and integrate with Google services like Gmail, Sheets to automate a lot of your workload. If you are spending money developing applications, Appsheet can hugely help control your expenses. On top of everything else, it’s fast and easy to create. 
  1. Apps Script: This is a very powerful platform that lets you create macros and scripts to automate business processes. Example: Send an automatic email to an user who submits a Google form.
  1. Looker Studio: Formerly known as Data studio, Looker studio provides a platform for visualization of data. Create interactive and dynamic dashboards by connecting data from more than 50 data sources and see your projected KPIs realtime. This is as powerful as it can get. 
  1. Cloud Search: Do you want to search across all your data in Google Workspace? That’s cloud search for you. You already know how powerful Google search is. Imagine the same across your custom data in Google Workspace. 

Apart from all the core and additional applications, Google does provide a great platform for doing administration and management of resources like users, domains, meeting rooms, mobile devices and other endpoints. 

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