Google Voice for Google Workspace: Cloud telephony adoption for your business

Are you using Google Workspace yet? If not, you are missing out on the ease of operations, great collaboration, and trying to focus your precious time while you could invest the same time on growing your business. If you don’t know what Google Workspace is, it’s an awesome collaboration suite of different services from Google that helps you take care of day-to-day requirements for your team, like Email, Instant messaging, Video conferencing, and Document management. 

A very interesting service in the Workspace suite is Google Voice. As Google has been fostering collaboration, Google Voice is also a product that helps companies to stay connected digitally with cloud-based phone service. Managing a telephonic system in a company can be daunting. Once we discuss in detail about Google Voice in this article, you will be able to weigh in and make a comparison with other similar services and understand if it is a right fit for your organization. Google Voice is available as an add-on for Google Workspace subscriptions.

What is Google Voice, and how does it work

Google Voice offers a cloud platform based on VOIP service that enables you to manage calls related to your business. The calls happen over the internet using VOIP rather than normal telephone towers used by cell phone networks. Google Voice makes operations easier and brings in a lot of improvements to processes that businesses want to have. 

Some advantages of Google Voice are as below:

  1. Versatility over Devices and Location: Employees can make calls from their laptops, tablets, and other devices, not necessarily depending on their phones. This helps employees to take long calls effectively. The calls can also be taken anywhere, irrespective of the location. 
  1. Better Call Quality: As calls are happening over the internet, there are lesser chances of bad networks or issues with connections over calls. There’s a great improvement in call quality by switching to Google Voice. 
  1. Reduce Telephone expenses for business: Studies have shown that using VOIP-powered systems over traditional landlines has resulted in a 50-70% reduction in operational costs. So, Google Voice undoubtedly brings excellent value for investment. The overall operational management time, as well as run costs, are both saved by adopting Google Voice. 
  1. Voicemail and Transcripts over emails: Google Voice offers another great feature that helps you to maintain voicemails whenever you are away. If an important call was missed and a customer left a voicemail, you would always want to revert as soon as possible. With Voicemails, that becomes easy. It’s also possible to send voicemails as transcripts over emails to stay on top of the game. If your company offers phone support to your customers or employees, this can greatly help. 
  1. Redirect Incoming Calls: Generally, businesses publish a single phone number on their contact pages, business profiles, etc. How can you manage that phone number workload effectively for your business? Google Voice offers you a feature that you can use to redirect incoming calls and distribute them within your team. Likewise, you wouldn’t overload a single person with all the calls. 
  1. Maintain privacy: Using Google Voice, you can also maintain the privacy of phone numbers for your employees, as they can use the designated phone number assigned via the system. Likewise, their phone numbers will not be exposed, and you will get a professional outlook for your business. 
  1. Set Call times: If your business operates within specific times, it is possible via Google Voice to set call forwarding to employees within that time frame and let the rest of the calls go to voicemail. Those voicemails can be emailed, or you can listen to them the next day. 
  1. Highly scalable: Google offers all of its solutions, keeping scalability, and so is the case with Google Voice. There are several plans to choose from when subscribing to Google Voice, and you can check the pricing, offerings, and your requirement/team size to make the right decision. You can start small with the lowest plan and upgrade if your need grows. 
  1. Be reachable at all times: You can always use text messages to be reachable when you are unable to take a call. It’s a great way to ensure responsiveness to customers. Google also provides a dashboard that helps you see and respond to all the messages in one place. 
  1. Block Spam Calls: Yes, we all get spammed daily, and so does your business. Are you wasting your important time dealing with spam? Well, Google Voice can help. Google is one of the companies that have been way ahead in the AI game, and those capabilities come in handy in detecting and blocking these spam calls automatically. These spam-marked calls are accessible on the dashboard in a separate label called “Spam.”

It is a no-brainer that Google Voice should be adopted by businesses as it helps reduce operational costs and maintain your business professionally while taking care of your employees privacy. If your company adopts a Cloud-based VOIP solution, the collaboration and management within the company are also simplified by multiple folds. Being productive and efficient is something every business looks forward to, and Google Voice helps you immensely with the same.  

How do I set up Google Voice for my small business?

Having read these great deal of offerings from Google Voice, what do you think about adopting this cloud VOIP solution? It is very easy to set up and get running with Google Voice. You could start using the solution immediately, as the entire setup will be done from the Google Admin Console dashboard. If you are confused, you can always reach out to the Cloudasta team of experts, who can help to resolve queries and ease your journey to making this important decision. 

Cloudasta is a Google Cloud partner that helps businesses with IT advice and adoption and drives support, training, and change management. If you are not using Google Workspace yet, Cloudasta offers a managed migration service to transition businesses to Google Workspace. Feel free to contact us today and discuss your requirements.