Generative AI in Google Workspace – A new Era

Google Workspace has been the best collaboration and communication platform for companies in the last decade. The platform has constantly evolved throughout the years and has been the go-to user friendly choice. Each service within Google Workspace had many helpful features added during its evolution. With AI transformation of products at its prime in this decade, Google also introduced generative AI capabilities in Google Workspace. 

A lot of features like Smart Compose, generation of summaries within Google Chat and documents, Smart reply suggestions were already helping all Google Workspace users. These were heavily adopted into the day to day lives and helped immensely in productivity. Generative AI has taken the world by storm and Google is coming up with those capabilities in all its services like Gmail, Docs, Slides etc. 

Harnessing the power of Generative AI within Google Workspace makes it possible to collaborate and be productive like never before. Moreover, this has all been adopted within Google, addressing and protecting user privacy through data governance controls. 

Upcoming AI features in Google Workspace 

Though there are a lot of AI features that we will see coming into Google Workspace in the future, let’s discuss the ones Google has announced and we are eagerly waiting for them. 

Generative AI in Gmail

Draft, reply, summarize and prioritize your emails in Gmail using AI. Imagine getting an email in your inbox and having Google draft the reply for you. Amazing right? Yeah, it’s a productivity booster for sure. AI wouldn’t probably write everything you need but the baseline is ready for you to edit and send. Better than that, when you want to write an email, Gmail can also automatically draft emails for you if you provide the context. Additionally, Google is introducing the capability to summarize a whole email thread if you don’t want to go over a long list of emails one by one. This can be a huge time saver. Google already introduced this within chat spaces and in Gmail, it would really help a lot. 

Another capability within Gmail that Google announced will be prioritizing the emails based on the emails on your inbox so that you know which ones are most critical to attend. These features are extremely important and helpful for everyone. 

Generative AI in Google Docs

With the evolution of Generative AI technologies like Chatgpt, Google is not behind.  chat GPT had taken the world by storm when it released features to write articles and draft summaries.  Google docs,  as you might know, is an important writing tool that helps you to draft documents within Google workspace.  With the adoption of generative AI within Google workspace,  Google docs was definitely on the radar.  Google has announced advanced capabilities of generating drafts, proofreading articles and writing summaries for text that you have within Google docs. These capabilities not only save time but also increase productivity by multiple folds. The best part of this is the capability of AI to generate information based on what you need in your Google document.

Google’s Speech to text capabilities were already helping a lot in boosting productivity within Google docs. In addition to that, these developments will definitely make Google Docs one of the most productive tools within Google workspace and a favorite one for many users.

Generative AI in Google Slides

Have you ever struggled to find the right image to include within your Google Slides while making presentations?  I am sure you have. With the new development of  generative AI within Google workspace,  Google Slides will see a feature that will make your creative vision a reality. It will be possible to generate images based on the prompt or summary that you provide within Google Slides. These images will completely be generated by AI and will be relevant to the information that you provide. You will not have to search for relevant images anymore. It saves a lot of time and reduces a lot of pain for presentation creators on a daily basis. 

Well it’s not limited to images only.  you will be able to generate  videos and audio as well that fit your description you send to Google Slides. Though these features same unreal they will be included into the Google Slides as announced in the near future. 

Generative AI in Google Sheets

Have you always struggled with formulas,  charts,  pivot tables And other analysis elements within Google sheets?  You will not have to struggle anymore as Google has introduced generative AI capabilities within Google sheets as well. With these capabilities you will be able to analyze raw data and generate relevant statistics, Charts, pivot tables, summary via auto completion. You will be able to do formula generation and contextual categorization as well. These features will make Google sheets the go-to tool for data analysis. You will not need to remember formulas as you can just ask Google describing what you need and it will get it done. Being a pioneer in collaboration and communication tools, Google has a strong focus on productivity and these generative AI features prove the same.

Generative AI in Google Meet

As Google has  announced generative way I capabilities within all of its tools, Google meet is not behind the curve. as you know Google meet had published some creative backgrounds and animated ones in the last year. with the generative AI capability announcement you will be able to generate custom backgrounds for descriptions that you give to Google meet. You will be able to capture notes as well ensuring that you don’t forget important discussions during a meeting, ultimately helping you in preparing meeting action points and summaries to send to participants if you are the organizer. These features will make Google the go to tool for video conferencing and meetings.With these initial features that Google has introduced we already love Google Meet. Definitely we will look forward to seeing what features are being introduced in this product.

Hope this excites you to use the world of Google Workspace. To know more about Google Workspace and its features, feel free to get in touch with our experts