Duet AI for Google Workspace

Most of us know that artificial intelligence is the future. No one can deny that AI is taking the world by storm. Google, a leader in different domains, especially the collaboration space, now brings Duet AI. Google offers this AI for many of its offerings like Google Sheets, Docs, Gmail within Google Workspace.

Duet AI – An Intro

Google is getting into the competition fiercely with its Duet AI. During the 2023 Google I/O event, the company displayed this product dedicated to Google Workspace. 

It comes with features that integrate with every Google Workspace application. Examples include Gmail, Google Meet, Slides, Sheets and Google Docs. The purpose of this product is to make people more productive. You can learn why this product for Google Workspace is a big deal from Google. 

More About Duet AI for Google Workspace

With Duet AI, you can collaborate with artificial intelligence in real time.

Duet AI for Google Workspace employs generative artificial intelligence characteristics. So, it will help with summarization and text generation. Also, it will help you generate images from data organization and prompts. During the event mentioned above, Google showed different examples of how this tool can be an excellent addition to the users of Google Workspace.

The Next Way of Artificial Intelligence Revolution in Workspace

You might be a busy working professional or you might be the owner of a small business using Google Workspace. At times, your work schedule makes it hard to compose an email. You might have a lot of items to complete in your to-do list. It will be helpful if you have a collaboration partner in real-time, who is intelligent to considerably reduce your work burden, isn’t it? When you sign up for Duet AI, you can pay attention to what matters. The rest will be handled by this product from Google.

How Can Duet AI Help in Your Day-to-Day Work Life?

Let us consider that you work in the finance department in your organization. At 6 pm, you get a mail from your manager requesting a presentation on the third-quarter performance by tomorrow at 8 am. This is a huge task for you with little time left for preparation. 

You will have to scramble through the emails, review slides, profit and loss documents and forecasts. Rather than spending time going through these things, you can just probe Duet AI to produce a summary of the third-quarter performance for you. 

Once the AI gets this prompt from you, it will create a new presentation. Based on the relevant content from your Gmail, Google Drive, images, charts and text, Duet AI will complete the work before you complete your dinner. So, creating a presentation is easy with this AI rather than spending an entire night preparing for the presentation.

Duet AI for Gmail:

As soon as you sign up for Duet AI, it will start working in your Google workspace behind the scenes. Regardless of whether it is refining your existing work or creating a new document, the AI will help you. With Duet AI for Gmail, composing emails will become easier than ever before.

Let us consider that you are using your phone when you are traveling. Still, you can draft responses with a few words of suggestions provided by Duet AI on your phone. It will help you create professional replies that instantly fill in names and other appropriate information. Duet AI for Docs will help you generate Google Docs with ease.

Duet AI for Google Meet:

For many working professionals, our days are packed with meetings. It can be truly tiresome to take part in so many of them in a single day. But, with Google Duet AI, your meetings can turn out to be more fulfilling and less fatiguing.

As you know, the most crucial aspect of any meeting is staying clearly understood, heard and seen. However, at times things can become worse. This can happen due to different factors like language barriers, slow web access, sound quality and camera. Now, everything will fall in place with Duet AI integrated in Google Meet.

It will help you make sure that you sound and look superior with studio sound, lighting and look. 

At times, it gets hard for employees participating from remote locations to see every person present in the meeting room. You might have experienced it yourself in many instances. For this purpose, Google is rolling out face detection and dynamic tiles. These inclusions give participants in a conference room a dedicated video tile with their names. Also, to break language barriers in a meeting, Google launched automatically translated subtitles for nearly 18 languages. So, Google Meet will instantly spot when one of the participants talks in any of these languages other than English. It will immediately show the translation in real time. So, everyone participating in the meeting can understand what is going on. Automatic meeting summaries are also with the roadmap.

Turn Data into Insights and Ideas into Action with Duet AI for Google Sheets

Duet AI for sheets will help you evaluate and take action on data in sheets quicker than ever before. This happens due to automated data classification and the creation of custom plans.

One of the toughest things a business will have to do is to organize and evaluate data to get action points. This aspect can now get help with Duet AI for Sheets. It all begins with the fresh Help Me Organize feature. This feature will permit the users of Google Workspace to create activities and custom plans for projects. 

  • Classification tools comprehend the context of data in a cell.
  • These tools can assign a label to the cell, thereby getting rid of the need for manual data entry.
  • This data entry time will be saved for your business regardless of whether you are an HR recruiter summarizing inputs from interviews or a product development team member evaluating the sentiment of user feedback. 
  • With this facility, you can develop a visually engaging and clear analysis.
  • The “help me organize” capability that comes along with Duet AI for sheets instantly creates personalized plans for projects or tasks. It can do this for any activity that you wish to follow or manage. 
  • When you describe what you wish to achieve, the sheets will generate a plan that aids you with keeping things organized.
  • You might be planning an annual sales conference or engaged in event team planning. Otherwise, you might be a manager communicating with an offsite team. In all these cases, Duet AI will help you with the creation of organized plans.
  • With Duet AI Integration in Google Meet, users can create unique personalized backgrounds for the meetings. In turn, you can express yourself or can safeguard your privacy by not revealing your surroundings.

Now, you have an idea of how does Duet AI contribute to your experience. Be it Google Sheets, Docs or Google Mail, Duet AI can help you with your Google Workspace in many ways. Overall, the idea is to reduce your workload as much as possible.

Duet AI vs Copilot

If you have heard of Microsoft Copilot earlier, you might wonder how Duet AI is different from Copilot. When you compare Duet AI Cost with the cost of Copilot AI, both are priced the same. For instance, Duet AI for Google Workspace will cost organizations $30 a month per person. You could get better benefits by signing up with a reseller like Cloudasta.

When there is a price similarity between the two, you will be interested in comparing the features of both. Here are some points of comparison between the two:

Spreadsheet Automation

Both Microsoft Excel and Google Sheets have already come with many powerful features. However, Google has taken a step extra by adding no-code machine learning to sheets with the help of an extension.


Both AI tools are shown to be powerful assistance in preparing notes, resources and meeting slides. Copilot can generate a whole presentation based on natural language prompts. This Microsoft tool can draw on OneDrive for images based on the given prompt. These can be made better for better accuracy and Microsoft’s tool can also tweak settings like slide transitions.

Similar tasks can be performed by Duet AI with Google having assured of AI-generated images in slides alongside audio and videos. In Duet AI, with Sidekick, users can create speaker notes for presentations on the basis of content within every slide.

Duet AI Release happened only recently. It is yet to be explored a lot. Both Copilot and Duet share some similarities. However, their performances might vary with time as they are generative AI tools.

Know About Duet AI for Google Cloud

Duet AI for Google Cloud is yet another model released by Google. This is, again, a state-of-the-art generative AI. This always-on AI collaborator will help Google Cloud users when they need help. Users can get help from this tool irrespective of their skill level.

The objective of Duet AI for Cloud is to deliver users a new cloud experience. You will get an intent-driven personalized solution from this Google offering. It can gain a thorough understanding of your atmosphere and will aid you with building a scalable and secure application. Above all, you can get expert guidance as well from this tool.

If you are wondering what is the use of Duet AI in Cloud, you should know how it has been designed:

It is designed to be Human-Centric

With Duet AI, Google aims to make Google Cloud more personal and accessible to any type of user with any skill level. All users will get the required support whenever the need arises. For instance, developers can get code recommendations, data engineers can gain prompt-based data insights and business users can get chat-based app creation with this tool designed to be human-centric.

It Follows a Holistic Approach

If you are a Google Cloud user, you know that generative Artificial Intelligence is the focal point of Cloud Experience now. So, with the inclusion of Duet AI in the Cloud, Cloud development can turn out to be more cohesive. 

Also, you can stay assured of fewer silos across tech stacks, services and functions. In turn, you can get a holistic picture in the format you are looking for. You will experience it irrespective of the present location in Google Cloud.

Designed To Be Helpful

Duet AI for the cloud has been designed to deliver contextual and smarter recommendations. The purpose is to help users get recommendations for operating and even developing applications with Google Cloud. For this purpose, Google has pre-trained Codey. This is one of the base models that empowers Duet AI

Also, with content that is specific to Google Cloud like sample code, documentation has been customized to work based on user patterns and behaviors.

Designed To Be Responsible

Also, Google assures its users that their recommendations and code will not be reused for any model development or learning. By giving this assurance, Google makes sure that the privacy of their code and data is secured for users. 

How do I get access to Duet AI?

Now, you might have the answer to your question of what is the use of Duet AI. To gain access to Duet AI, your business should have Google Workspace. Only those organizations with access to Google Workspace can add Duet AI to their Google Workspace. If you do not have one, you can start a 14-day free trial. At Cloudasta, we offer seamless training. and migration to Google Workspace to help you with this AI.

Cloudasta has over 10 years of experience on helping customers migrate to Google Workspace. Feel free to reach out. to us today to embrace AI together.