Diving deep into the Investigation Tool (for Admins)

02/03/2022 at 4 PM ET

me (2)

Nick Marchese

Expert in Google Workspace

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Diving deep into the Investigation Tool (for Admins)

In this workshop, we’ll dive deep into the Security Investigation Tool. We’ll explore what it is, where it lives, and what secret powers and abilities do you need to know about? The Security Investigation Tool is an incredible resource for Google Workspace Admins to search and access data about Gmail, Drive logs, devices, users, and much more. We promise you’ll learn something in this session. This workshop is designed for all Google Workspace Admins.

Some of the topics we’ll cover are:

  • Searching and accessing data related to chat, meet, drive, gmail, calendar, users, and more.
  • Taking actions on data depending on the service.
  • Utilizing the pivot option to explore more.

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