Digital Transformation in Enterprises with Google Workspace

Going digital is the new trend. If your company is not going digital then you are behind the curve. A digital transformation journey should be very well planned considering the organizational goals and necessities in mind. There are many factors that you need to consider while planning your digital transformation journey. Definitely digital transformation is not about moving your on premise IT infrastructure to the cloud. It is much more than that. Digital transformation also encompasses how your employees interact and collaborate with each other, boosting their productivity as well as educating them to use newer and advanced tools. With the advancement of the internet, the need for collaboration and communication among the employees in a company is paramount. That’s where companies look at Google workspace to rebuild their collaboration and productivity. 

Google workspace is a proven and popular collaboration tool. It is also one of the most widely used collaboration tools by people in their personal lives. When you adopt a collaboration system, this is one of the key considerations to think about.Google workspace provides the capability to access the services from any device and any location making it easier for employees to collaborate in this digital hybrid world. Some of the key requirements that Enterprises have are below:

  1. Seamless collaboration with file sharing.
  2. Virtual video conferencing and messaging.
  3. Employee collaboration and engagement.
  4. Security of IT infrastructure 
  5. Adaptability to change in technology and digital landscape.

Google workspace is built to address the necessities of the hybrid era of work. Legacy productivity tools haven’t been built to support the growing needs of Enterprises. There is no need to maintain servers, email infrastructure, anti-spam tools, file servers and much more to achieve collaboration and productivity. Google workspace addresses it all. Going digital for Enterprises helps them with keeping their work environments for employees and businesses optimized. Google workspace also provides a secure and encrypted environment to keep information safe relying on Google’s industry leading cloud infrastructure.

Collaboration for decentralized workforce

Most Enterprises are spread across multiple countries and face the dire need to collaborate in real time.  Google workspace with tools like Google docs, sheets and other cloud productivity tools ensures real time collaboration. Enterprises also have needs within different teams like legal, finance, HR to work on several contracts together. Imagine circulating a contract draft from one person to another without being able to collaborate, co-create and track changes with version control. If everyone is working on the same version, it removes redundancy as well as ensures that the latest version is up to date. That is what Google workspace can ensure.

Drive Enterprise Growth

A business ultimately aims at growth when planning to go digital. It allows the productivity to grow multiple folds and ensures the right tools are in place so that employees focus on the core business without worrying for tools. With this, the business looks at focusing on bigger opportunities by becoming fully digitized.Tools within Google workspace like Appsheet provide a low code environment for citizen developers to automate work flows within their digital landscape. With Appsheet, organizations have saved millions of dollars by doing quick and agile development without having to worry about large scale application development for smaller needs.

Reduce IT Operational Costs for Enterprises

If Enterprises adopt Google workspace, they ultimately move away from expensive software that they need to maintain on premises. This helps with reutilising  the costs across other areas of the business. While choosing Google workspace for enterprise needs, it’s important to analyse the costs that are available for different pricing plans and liaise with the right partner to get reseller benefits as well as a smooth transition from the legacy environment. Cloudasta has been a Google partner since 2013 with expertise in advisory, Change management and training for customers moving into Google workspace. Our managed migration process ensures seamless transition for teams and organizations. Being a Google partner, you also enjoy cost benefits on plans for Google workspace that suit your needs.

Security – a top priority for Google Workspace

Google workspace also ensures safety of your sensitive information with its privacy controls, encryptions and protections of critical data. It also empowers admins to make decisions on how data is shared within and outside the organization. Unlike the hassle of ensuring Enterprise security on your on-premise environment, you can focus on your business while Google takes care of the security. Google also ensures privacy with its ISO certification as a data processor. Google ensures strict compliance for third party audits and certifications. Google Workspace also provides a security checklist for all kinds of businesses to keep them safe. 

Unified experience with Google Workspace

Google Workspace helps employees and businesses to create a unified experience for everyone within the organization. Boosting collaboration, it helps employees to have a closed space where everyone can contribute and be on the same page. Having a unified experience is one of the key objectives of the digital transformation journey in any organization and Google Workspace definitely helps. 

Having understood how Google Workspace can contribute to your digital transformation, are you ready to take the plunge? Cloudasta can help you with that journey. We have helped hundreds of organizations to migrate their collaboration and communication environment to Google Workspace. Being a Google partner since 2013, our managed migration approach is the most loved among customers. 

If you are looking for added value along with ensuring a hands-off smooth transition for your business to embark on your digital transformation journey, contact us today. We have an experienced team of consultants who can help you make the right decisions and explain the benefits of Google Workspace. Let us help you unleash your team’s productivity with our customer-first approach to Google Workspace services.