Migrate GoDaddy Email to G Suite / Google Workspace

Are you looking to migrate GoDaddy email to G Suite (Google Workspace)? If yes, you have come to the right place. This guide will assist you with everything you need to know about migrating to Google Workspace from GoDaddy. Let’s dive in.

Three Options

There are three ways that you can migrate from GoDaddy email to G Suite.

We recommend that you start with the free migration tool, and if it cannot cover all your needs, ask for a managed migration quote. All options are explained below.

Migrate GoDaddy Email to G Suite / Google Workspace – DIY

You can use Google’s data migration service to migrate from G Suite from GoDaddy. You ought to have all the rights of the super administrator account in order to do data migration. Check whether or not your G Suite version is supported in the migration service, and you also need to prepare a legacy environment for the source (GoDaddy) to target (G Suite). Once you are done fulfilling the above prerequisites, you may proceed to further steps.

  • Make sure to have a super administrator account.
  • Once you have created a data migration service, click on Add, and select User from there.
  • There you’ll see “Migrate From,” enter your source email and id.
  • Under “Migrate To,” enter your target email and id.
  • Then Simply, click on the start button. It will initiate the procedure of migration.

This DIY process is more complicated than Cloudasta’s free email migration tool, so let’s dive into this other option.

Cloudasta’s Self-Service Migration Tool

The DIY option to migrate from Godaddy to G Suite / Google Workspace can put your business in trouble as you can lose important data and you may encounter security issues. Our recommendation is to get started with the best email migration tool available in Google Workspace Marketplace: Cloudasta’s self-service migration tool, which has 125 reviews and over 1 million installs. Here’s how.

Cloudasta is a Google Cloud Partner that is also integrated with ShuttleCloud. The aim of this company is to enable small businesses to reap the full benefits of high-end platforms like Google Workspace. Cloudasta’s self-service migration tool enables the consumers for email-only migration. Try it yourself for free here.

You can get unlimited access to this awesome migration tool as well. In order to unlock unlimited migrations, you need to move your Google Workspace subscription to Cloudasta. Don’t worry, it will not cost you any more than you are already paying Google, probably less if you ask for a discount. Not only you get access to the tool, but you will gain tons of other benefits that’ll make your stay with Cloudasta worth your while. You’ll get to run your business on Google Workspace featuring high-end support from Cloudasta’s expert IT team, admin and end-user training sessions, annual audits, etc.

Cloudasta’s Managed Migration

The managed migration service from Cloudasta is the best option for people who are in need of more than an email-only migration to G Suite / Google Workspace, want to avoid losing data, security problems and have a guarantee to get it done well and fast. With a managed migration you will be able to migrate everything: emails, calendars, groups, drive, files, documents, sheets, and all of the other supported features. With this particular service, you get to keep your business safe and running, and there will be no effect on your business state as this service features zero downtime.

You can find more information here: https://cloudasta.com/managed-email-migration-workspace/#managed-migration



Why it is a Common Issue to Need to Migrate From GoDaddy to G Suite/Google Workspace?

GoDaddy was created as a web-hosting service provider and they have been offering pretty good plans regarding that. They also provide business email services, but GoDaddy’s email is nothing compared to Google Workspace. Google Workspace (previously G Suite) is the best business email out there, with a suite of applications and tools for productivity and collaboration, surpassing what GoDaddy’s email can provide. Many of Cloudasta’s clients are companies and individuals looking to migrate from GoDaddy to G Suite/Google Workspace, and we like to reinforce that there is something even better than Google Workspace, Google Workspace with a Google Cloud Partner that adds an extra level of security, support, and many other perks, like custom tools, audits, and training.

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