Migrate cPanel Email to Google Workspace

A greater part of the population prefers Google Workspace for their business dealings and activities for various reasons. Some popular reasons are always data security and relatively larger storage space. 

People using other platforms like cPanel email are increasingly migrating to Google Workspace primarily due to data security. Google Workspace provides essential security services that prevent users from experiencing data theft or accidental losses. 

But to experience this security, it is vital to migrate to Google Workspace from your current service provider. The section below provides detailed methods to migrate cPanel email to Google Workspace. You can either do it manually or depend on an experienced team to assist you through the process.

DIY Procedure to Migrate from cPanel to Google Workspace

  • Login to your corresponding cPanel email application.
  • Choose the webmail that you are planning to migrate from.
  • Now, the screen will show all your cPanel emails.
  • Right-click on the cPanel email inbox.
  • From the options that appear, choose the Export option.
  • A pop-up window appears. Click the Download into An MBOX File option from the drop-down list and press OK.
  • Your browser will now download all your target emails into the selected file format.
  • But Google Workspace does not support files in MBOX format. So, now, you will have to convert the MBOX file into a compatible file format.
  • Convert the MBOX file into PST format. You can effortlessly import the PST file into your Google Workspace account.

People with limited computer expertise may find it quite challenging to migrate from cPanel email to Google Workspace using the above-mentioned manual method. In this particular method, chances are high for errors to happen and the data to be lost permanently.

So, it is always advisable to use professional migration tools or assisted migration services to employ safe and secure migration from cPanel email to Google Workspace. The following section introduces Cloudasta, a reputable professional team who handles migration most professionally.

Cloudasta Migration Services

The team Cloudasta has provided various services related to the Google ecosystem since 2013. They are experienced Google Cloud Partners and authorized resellers who demonstrate significant expertise in Google Workspace.

Although they are known for various Workspace-related services, their undeniable expertise in migration and related services is the most popular among them. Over 850 reputed companies are already trusting them. The lion’s share of clients has used their service for Google to-Google migrations for acquisitions, mergers, etc. 

They maintain two channels for the customers to avail of migration assistance. The first is an effortless self-service migration tool that Cloudasta provides for free as part of their application and official website. 

The second option is a dedicated managed migration service specifically useful for advanced migration projects involving heavy data and sensitive files. In the second option, the customers will have to pay for the service, but they will be provided proper assistance throughout the migration process.

Migrate from cPanel to Google Workspace through Cloudasta Self-Service Migration Tool

The Cloudasta free self-service email migration tool is ideal for businesses and brands looking for an email-only migration. This relatively less advanced migration service enables customers to manage basic migration from cPanel email to Google Workspace without subscribing to plans or spending a significant amount of money.

The migration tool is free of cost on the official website of Cloudasta or the Cloudasta application. You can use it throughout the year for an unlimited number of times. Along with supporting effective email migration, the tool also supports consolidating email accounts, archiving essential data, etc.

You can avail of free security audits using the Cloudasta migration tool. The end-user and admin training facilities are also available with the tool. One of the top highlights of the Cloudasta tool is its free access to the migration support team on the Cloudasta platform. You can access them at any time of the day for migration-related queries and helps.

Although the free self-service Cloudasta migration tool is the best in its category, you cannot migrate your contacts, calendar, files, groups, etc., using the Cloudasta self-service tool. For such advanced levels of migration, it is better for you to use the assisted migration services from Cloudasta.

Migrate from cPanel to Google Workspace through Cloudasta Managed Migration Services

Cloudasta’s managed migration service is the best option to migrate your email, groups, files, calendar, etc., from cPanel to Google Workspace. The managed migration services ensure minimal disruption during the migration process and make sure to take only a limited downtime to complete the process.

Customers availing of Cloudasta turnkey managed migration services can have a hands-off approach to their account migration, as the team promptly takes care of every stage of the migration. They handle all the time-consuming tasks associated with migration through their advanced features like custom scheduling.

You can use the Cloudasta-managed migration services to migrate from any email service provider to Google Workspace. As the service takes nearly zero downtime, you can carry out the process anytime at your convenience without worrying about a disrupted business day.

The managed migration services are conveniently categorized into two, based on their subscription rate and the features included. The two categories are Standard and Premium. Let’s have a look at the basic features of both the managed migration services plans.


  • Switchover is available from Monday to Friday.
  • Supports incremental delta migrations
  • Migrates emails, contacts, calendars, and files
  • Email authentication service available
  • Help article on non-Workspace services is available.
  • Can provide change management resources
  • Admin and end-user training is possible.


The premium plan for Cloudasta’s managed migration services is known as the most comprehensive migration service currently available in the market. This plan features almost everything a business or individual might need during migration from cPanel email to Google Workspace.

It consists of all the features that the Standard plan possesses plus certain unique features like:

  • A dedicated account manager feature is available
  • Supports priority scheduling
  • Can conduct switch over anytime from Monday to Sunday
  • Can custom-time the migration process based on your local time zone
  • Can move users in groups or batches
  • Active Directory Sync is possible.
  • Can also help with other non-Workspace services as per the requirement