Migrate Bluehost Email to Google Workspace

Migrating from Bluehost email to Google Workspace is one of the top requirements as many customers are reliant on Bluehost.

The article below outlines the possibilities of migration and explains the various methods.

Possibilities to Migrate Bluehost Email to Google Workspace

Google Workspace has been gaining popularity as a one-stop business tool, and more and more business owners are migrating their collaboration space to the Workspace. It is definitely possible to migrate Bluehost email to Google Workspace. 

You can resort to various methods to facilitate the migration, as mentioned above. 

  • You can try to migrate on your own.
  • Carry out the migration using any online free tool.
  • Avail of the service of an expert email migrator.

Let’s explore each of the possibilities together.

DIY Migration

You can always migrate Bluehost email to Google Workspace on your own. It can be time-consuming and confusing, but it costs nothing. Follow the steps below to successfully migrate Bluehost email to Google Workspace.

  • Go to the Bluehost email and click open the Settings option.
  • From the options, choose the Email Forwarding option.
  • Go to the IMAP Access option, enter the necessary details, and enable it.
  • Open your Gmail account.
  • Go to the Settings option on the account and click on the Account and Import Tab.
  • A slot to enter an email address appears on the screen. You have to enter your Bluehost email address in this slot.
  • You’ll have to enter more credentials and details on the Bluehost account and click Add Account.
  • A confirmation link from Gmail will be sent to your Bluehost email inbox. You can open and confirm it.
  • Now, you have to go to the previously-opened Bluehost email account and click on the Add Address option below the Email Forwarding option.
  • You can enter the details of your Gmail account in the slot and click Next.
  • The system will send a confirmation link to your Gmail account. You can open the link and click it to confirm the migration.
  • Once the migration is completed, your Gmail account will receive all the emails your Bluehost account receives.

Using Free Migration Tool

The manual or DIY migration is practically a no-cost option. But there will undoubtedly be several practical difficulties with the DIY migration. So, the next great thing is to use any free self-help migration tools available online.

Most self-help migration tools are available for zero cost on the internet. But they primarily focus on migrating the Bluehost email only. But by choosing a powerful self-help migrating tool, you can at least ensure that the email migration is being carried out correctly.

Cloudasta’s free migration tool, available online, is one of the best possible migration tools currently available. The section below contains a glance into the features and a concise review.

Cloudasta Free Migration Tool

The free migration tool on the online platform of Cloudasta enables the customer to carry out migration independently with better assistance. The Cloudasta migration tool is highly powerful and is capable of migrating mailboxes that even have a heavy amount of data.

  • Exclusive email migration
  • Unlimited mailbox migrations are possible.
  • It can only take several hours to one or two days to finish the migration.
  • Unique migration ID for each customer
  • Customers can check the status of the migration process anytime via the online platform.
  • Sends email on completion of migration
  • Customers can use the email service normally, even during the migration process.
  • The migration process is not interrupted even if the customer switches the computer off in between

Using Managed Migration Service

Although DIY migration and free online migration tools are accessible and affordable, chances are high for you to have technical issues and doubts. This is where an expert’s necessity arises. 

It is always ideal to use an expert service to efficiently carry out the migration process. An expert team will be able to monitor and manage the process without causing any potential errors.

Also, a self-service migration tool or DIY migration can only help you migrate your emails. But when an expert team gets involved, you will get a comprehensive deal on the migration, and you can migrate the contacts, calendar, files, and many more to the Workspace.

Even though a managed migration service is supposedly the best for migrating a Bluehost email to Google Workspace, you must pay enough attention while choosing a service provider. Only a reputed and trustworthy service provider can support you throughout the migration process and provide any follow-up services.

Cloudasta is a popular migration platform where customers can choose from multiple migration plans. The section below provides more details on Cloudasta’s managed migration service.

Cloudasta Managed Migration Services

Cloudasta is one of the most robust and reputable migration platforms currently available. They provide free services like the migration tool and paid services like the turnkey managed migration service.

Cloudasta Features

  • Managed or assisted migration
  • Incremental delta migrations
  • Dedicated account manager service available
  • Priority scheduling possible
  • A custom timing feature is available (scheduling can be done based on the customer’s local time zone)
  • Supports email migration
  • Supports contacts, calendars, files, and groups migration
  • Email Authentication
  • Help articles are available for other non-Workspace services from Google.
  • Can change management resources
  • End-user and administrator training resources are available.
  • Customized administrator training can opt.

Cloudasta’s managed migrating service has in place a tested and proven process that ensures a minimal amount of disruption and speedy migration. The customers can avail of appointments from the Cloudasta team to discuss the targets and customize and schedule the migration process.

When many migration platforms use up a long time to finish the migration process, the team Cloudasta understands that long processing time can adversely affect the customer’s business. So, they manage to complete the entire migration process with an immediate effect.

Cloudasta provides two pricing plans for the managed migration service. They are:

  • Standard
  • Premium

Although both plans are payment-based, the price and features vary a bit. The premium service offers a multitude of features and a comprehensive migration service. Contact us today to know the details.