Effective Project Management with Google Workspace

When you think of Google workspace, you think of Drive, Docs, Sheets, etc. It is one of the undoubtedly the best collaborative office suites. While we are used to using each of these elements separately, what we fail to realize is that Google Workspace is intuitive project management software.

Integrating Google Workspace enables you to stick to the basic applications without the need to rely on external or additional project management tools. This article will explore more on the utility of Google Workspace in project management.

How can you use Google Workspace for Project Management?

Once you set up your Google workspace, the next step is to identify the potential ways you can leverage Google workspace for streamlining your project management requirements.

Let us get this started.

  • Project tasks collaboration

Collaboration is the most important part of any project management. Google Workspace offers access to cloud-based apps that streamline collaboration among teams remotely. 

Team members who have access to the project sheets or documents can make changes and update the sheets regularly. This enables the projects to remain updated with all the latest information in real time.

  • Scheduling team resources

Keeping up with the tasks assigned to each team member in a project can often be challenging to keep up with for project managers. This is where Google Workspace’s Calendar app comes to play. 

Access to it makes it easier for the project managers to keep a check on a team member’s availability and assign tasks accordingly. What’s great is that once individual tasks are finished, the team members have the autonomy to mark those tasks as done to keep track of the deadlines and deliverables in a project.

  • Share Digital data – Effective collaboration

Present-day projects require secure storage and sharing options. With Google Drive, team members and project heads can manage all the updated data in one secure place and access it unanimously whenever needed. 

Google Drive is a cloud-based storage and data-sharing app, which means that every team member can access it from anywhere across the globe. Since Drive has advanced sharing features, it isn’t surprising that projects can be shared with the clients for approval without worrying about jeopardizing the integrity and safety of the data.

  • Create reports and presentations

When it comes to project management, reports and presentations are an integral part of the process. Two major apps in Google Workspace – Sheets and Slides make the work a lot easier for the team members.

You can use Google Sheets to prepare your reports by including graphs and charts for visual representation. This particular app allows you to streamline your numeric data and share it with the team members or the clients in a more presentable manner.

For presentations, Google Slides is the answer. It works similarly to Microsoft’s Powerpoint and provides you access to all the tools you’d need to prepare your presentation from scratch. However, since the app is web-based, it enables team members to collaborate in the presentation in real-time, remotely.

  • Streamline team meetings

When you are working on a project, one thing that’s mandatory to manage the progress of the project is conducting regular meetings and transparent communication between each team member. The Google Workspace chat has an instant messaging feature for quick conversations among team members.

Not just that, you also have Google Meet, which streamlines video calling and conferences. Besides one-on-one conversations among team members, Google Chat and Meet support group chatting and video conferencing options to conduct remote meetings anytime, anywhere. Users can also share files and documents using these apps.

  • Organize emails quickly

Another important benefit of Google Workspace that streamlines project management is sorting out the inbox. Gmail’s “Priority Inbox” allows users to filter and sort out the important messages about the project so nothing is ignored accidentally.

Not only do you have the choice to streamline and organize your inbox, but you also get to label individual emails so it’s easier for you to come back and refer to them as needed. This particular feature also has filters for making it easier for the users to sift through secondary and spam emails and only keep the ones needed.

  • Collaborate on documents

If there’s one Google Workspace app that’s used the most for projects, it has to be Docs. A lot similar to Microsoft’s Word, Docs allow you to create articles, project proposals, tenders, reports, etc. with your team. Since it is a web and cloud-based app, it allows each team member access to the document to make relevant changes or updates to it.

What’s great about using Docs is that they offer real-time editing and sharing options. Not just that, collaborators can leave comments and suggestions in the document to make it easier for the team members to correct the shortcomings without going back and forth. The “revision history” feature keeps the users alert about the edits made in the document too.

  • Communicate using a unified email address

Isn’t it difficult to add all the team members in an email separately every time you have to send a project update or new resources about the project? Creating a “Groups” email list streamlines that shortcoming and allows the team members to send the project updates to that one email so every team member receives it individually.

You do need to add your team members to the group to get started. However, once the team members are added, you can send the updates, progress reports, and resources to the group email and be done with it.

Google Workspace is an underdog when it comes to leading project management tools. Even though we use individual apps in Workspace every day, we fail to realize the unified power it has concerning streamlining a project’s progress. If you don’t want to download or invest in a third-party project management tool, we’d highly recommend sticking to Google Workspace. With this, you can simplify project administration, streamline communication and keep collaboration effective in real-time. 

You can contact us to learn and explore how Google Workspace can be the swiss army knife for your project management needs.